The Link Between Chronic Pain & Heart Disease

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How Chronic Pain Can Lead to Heart Concerns

It’s no surprise that many common health conditions can serve as a gateway to other related chronic conditions. Just as an injury can cause chronic pain over time, your chronic pain can also cause the need to focus on your heart health and prevent any serious cardiac issues. Here’s why:

Chronic Pain, Stress, and Cardiac Care

Chronic pain is one of the most common health conditions in the U.S., with one in five American adults, or almost 50 million, estimated to suffer from pain lasting 6 months or longer. Chronic pain can cause stress, depression, and anxiety for many patients, and these emotional responses also create a physical response. Patients may experience elevated blood pressure and pulse rate, which can damage your heart over a long period of time, leading to cardiac arrest, stroke, or death.

On the other hand, cardiac concerns can also cause chronic pain. This is because patients who experience heart failure can also suffer from inflammation, ischemia, and neuropathy — which can also cause pain.

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Treating Your Chronic Pain With Regenerative Medicine

Continuing with a healthy lifestyle is vital when it comes to protecting your overall health and preventing chronic pain. But — even if you live a healthy lifestyle, we know that many patients still feel helpless with no results after trying to treat their chronic pain. That’s where our team comes in. Some areas we help treat include:

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