Newport Beach Radiofrequency Ablation

Relieving Pain from Overactive Nerve Tissue

Get relief from pain once and for all through radiofrequency ablation treatments at Regenerative Institute of Newport Beach. Radiofrequency ablation gently destroys overactive, damaged nerve tissue, so you don’t have to live another day in pain. Leading physical medicine expert Dr. Khyber Zaffarkhan and his team perform radiofrequency ablation right in the office.

What Happens during a Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment?

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) involves using radio waves from a radiofrequency generator to produce an electrical current. As nerve tissue heats up, it's prevented from transmitting pain signals to your brain.

Your practitioner will use a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area. Using real-time X-ray imaging with a fluoroscope, the practitioner will insert a small needle into the area where you’re experiencing pain. The next step involves inserting a microelectrode through the needle.

Once everything’s in place, small radiofrequency currents are sent through the electrode and directly into the affected tissue. Because you’re numb throughout the entire procedure, you shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort.

What Areas Can Be Treated with Radiofrequency Ablation?

Radiofrequency is ideal for treating chronic pain issues throughout your back and neck. It’s beneficial if you have:

  • Herniated discs
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Ruptured discs

Because radiofrequency ablation is minimally invasive and causes few (if any) complications, it’s known for being a safe and effective treatment for many types of back and neck pain.

How Do I Prepare for Radiofrequency Ablation?

Though radiofrequency is a simple procedure performed right in the office at Regenerative Institute of Newport Beach, you need to make a few preparations beforehand.

If you are undergoing sedation, avoid eating anything for six hours before your treatment. You can drink clear liquids up to two hours beforehand. Dr. Z also lets you know which medications you may need to avoid before having an RFA treatment.

Plan on having someone drive you home from your appointment. Ideally, someone should stay with you for at least 24 hours afterward, just to ensure you don’t have any adverse effects from the treatment or local anesthesia.

When Will My Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment Start Working?

You may start experiencing pain relief right away, although it’s normal to have slight bruising or swelling at the injection site for two to five days. Most patients start noticing an improvement after these side effects subside.

Most RFA treatments last 9-14 months, but for some, pain relief lasts for years. In fact, more than 70% of patients who go through treatment with Dr. Z can start living pain-free after their first session.

You can schedule your radiofrequency ablation treatment at Regenerative Institute of Newport Beach by calling (949) 301-8683.

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