Giving Back

Supporting Our Newport Beach Community

At Regenerative Institute of Newport Beach, we care deeply about taking care of not only our patients but also our community. Read on to learn more about the organizations we support and the ways we give back.

Wounded Warrior Project

We believe it is our duty to take care of our soldiers who so selflessly take are of us every single day. Because they are away protecting everything we hold dear and everything our country stands for, many people forget how hard our armed forces work for us. We should remember them every day, not just when they are wounded or killed in action. At the very least, we should support them when they finally do come home. In our family, this comes full circle: Dr. Z did his training at the West Los Angeles VA and specializes in this type of patient population as a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) physician.

Alzheimer’s Association

While we wish we could contribute to every charitable cause because they are all worthy, the Alzheimer's Association is near and dear to our hearts. Not enough is discussed about this terrible disease, nor is enough light, attention, and money put into this research. Many young people just think it's what happens when you get old, but no one should be afflicted by this. Alzheimer’s is not mild forgetfulness; it robs you of your memories, cognition, and ability to perform even simple activities of daily living such as eating. The effects are also exceeding difficult on the caretakers of Alzheimer’s patients. Together we can slow and one day stop the progression of this awful disease.

OC Rescue Mission

We wanted to donate a few items around our office and ended up finding the most unique and all-encompassing homeless shelter! After sitting down with the staff of the OC Rescue Mission to learn about how they do what they do, we were sold! We have been supporting their cause ever since. This is not just an overnight shelter (which are also wonderful), but rather a multidisciplinary rehabilitation/teaching facility. They provide structure, child care, medical care, the tools to learn a new trade, and the skills to succeed. We truly believe in and want to support those who want to help themselves. Everyone deserves help from time to time.


We love animals. What more needs to be said? They are so innocent and pure. There are no bad animals, just scared ones who need love. Our hope is for the community to think about this simple statement: While you may not want to help animals, it is your duty to not hurt them.

American Red Cross

We have always felt that donating blood was a good thing and desperately needed but working in the medical field, we now know just how vital it is. Our team regularly donates blood, doing our small part to help replenish stores of blood and blood products in our community.

Helping Good People Get Better