• “Dr. Z has improved my quality of life drastically and I could not be more thankful. I have visited no less than 10 different doctors for a nerve problem that keeps me away from my occupation as a working drummer and music instructor. While previous doctors scratched their heads with my hard-to-diagnose symptoms, Dr. Z analyzed my issue in greater depth. Since then, I am already having desirable results with the current treatment plan and look forward to future visits. Thanks Dr. Z!”

    - Josh K.

  • I highly recommend and the Regenerative Institute of Newport Beach. I am 21 and I have severe scoliosis which causes a lot of back pain.
    Even though my condition has existed practically my entire life, most days since becoming his patient I barely feel discomfort and whenever I do feel discomfort I know it has been a while since I seen my favorite doctor and I know it is time to revisit. :-)
    Thanks Doctor Z.

    You have a lifetime patient.

    - Ness H.

  • “Dr. Zarrafkhan is simply amazing. I actually stumbled upon this place six months ago since it was right next door to my sons pediatrician's office. Dr. Z and his staff went above and beyond to answer all of my questions and concerns about their PRP and Stem Cell procedures.

    Fast forward to today, I came in for a follow up because I was having knee issues a week prior.  I was dead set on getting a PRP injection. But,to be safe, Dr. Z prescribed an MRI where we could make sure this wasn't a sprain or something minor. Low and behold he was right, there was no sign of any muscle. ligament, bone, tissue, and or cartilage damage.

    A lot of doctors would have still pushed and urged me to get a PRP injection, just to make a little extra cash. Thankfully, Dr. Z wasn't overly aggressive at all. He let me know the pros and cons of doing the invasive procedure, but he strongly urged, and I quote "if it ain't broke don't fix it." He even went the extra mile and performed a quick ultrasound to show me that both my knee and my calf didn't have any tears or anything.

    I cannot tell you how valuable his honesty was and how much it meant to me. The fact that he was not just saying any and everything to make a sale let me know he is about his patients well being first, and not his profit.

    I can only say great things, so if you're in pain and think you are a candidate for PRP and or stem cell, I would definitely recommend coming to visit Dr. Z.”

    - Carlon B.