Common Signs of Hip Arthritis


Do You Suffer from Hip Arthritis?

Arthritis is one of the most common ailments that plague adults and can seriously inhibit everyday activities as inflammation grows in joints. While arthritis can occur in essentially any joint in your body, there are some areas in which it is more common — one of those places being your hips.

Since hip arthritis can severely affect your day-to-day life, it’s important to spot the warning signs and address the resulting effects right away.

Signs of Hip Arthritis

Pain That Worsens in Certain Situations

Adults who struggle with hip arthritis tend to feel more pain in the morning when they first get up, after sitting for long periods of time, or after bouts of physical activity.

Difficulty Performing Certain Motions

When inflammation makes it more difficult to move your joint, those with hip arthritis can have issues walking, bending down and leaning over, or even getting up from their seat. In advanced cases, seemingly-simple tasks, such as getting out of your car, can become nearly impossible.

Aching in Nearby Joints

Hip arthritis doesn’t only affect a single joint. Those struggling with this issue often experience aches and pains in their groin, knees, thighs, or buttocks as the sensation radiates throughout their body.

How to Diagnose Hip Arthritis

The best way to have this ailment diagnosed is to visit your doctor or pain management physician. They can perform several tests or take images of your hips to see if you have arthritis.

How Can I Treat Hip Arthritis?

In more mild cases, arthritis-caused hip pain can be treated using non-steroid anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, or steroid injections. In more severe cases, surgical intervention may be required.

Addressing Hip Pain in Newport Beach

When your quality of life is being affected by debilitating hip pain, turn to the team at Regenerative Institute of Newport Beach for effective, long-lasting treatment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.