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Joint injections are often the best way to get quick relief from chronic joint pain. They help lubricate your joints with hyaluronic acid and provide precise inflammation-reducing medication right where it’s needed. As a pain-relief specialist, Khyber Zaffarkhan, DO, FAAPMR offers the most effective joint injection treatments available. If you have chronic joint pain, find out if the injections available at Regenerative Institute of Newport Beach can help you. Schedule your evaluation at this Newport Beach, California clinic over the phone.

Joint Injection Q & A

Why do I have joint pain?

When you have an injury or develop a chronic inflammatory condition, your body releases antigens to stimulate an immune response. Your system sends blood to the damaged area to deliver essential nutrients, oxygen, and healing cells.

This redistribution of blood leads to swollen tissues, which is why you have inflammation and swelling. But this response is somewhat counterproductive, in that as blood pools in an injured area, the excessive swelling — called edema — can slow down further blood flow.

Because damaged cells and debris aren’t flushed away as they should be, they start to build up. This can lead to scarring, masses, or trigger points, which are all known for causing pain. You may also have joint pain if protective discs and cartilage start to wear down, causing bones to rub against each other.


How do joint injections work?

One of the most advanced types of joint injections is hyaluronic acid. This type of injection replaces the lubricating fluid that you may lose between joints because of injury, arthritis, or older age. Hyaluronic acid doesn’t just promote smooth joint movements; it also acts as a shock absorber to minimize future damage.

You might also benefit from corticosteroid joint injections that work by reducing inflammation. Corticosteroid injections even block the release of certain enzymes that are known for permanently destroying tissues and causing joint pain.


Are joint injections permanent?

No, although they do provide lasting relief. Hyaluronic acid joint injections can have peak benefits for up to three months or more. Or if you have corticosteroid injections, you’re likely to experience a reduction in pain for a couple months.

In most cases, you can safely have the treatment repeated.


What should I expect during a joint injection treatment?

Though it’s most common to get joint injections in your knees, hips, or shoulders, Dr. Z can inject any joints that are causing pain. He administers joint injections in just a few minutes by using ultrasound technology to guide the needle to the precise injury location.

Joint injections are known for causing slight stinging or burning, although the uncomfortable sensation only lasts for a few seconds. Depending on your treatment area and specific type of injection, Dr. Z may numb the area with a local anesthetic or topical numbing cream beforehand.

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