Treating Pain Caused by a Desk Job


Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to perform your daily work tasks sitting down at a desk or sprawled out on your couch instead of being on your feet. However, when you spend eight hours a day hunched over a desk and typing away at a computer, your body starts to feel it.

Countless adults experience the pain that results from their desk job every day, leaving them feeling sore, tense, and overall uncomfortable. If you’re tired of spending your days in pain, here are some of the most common issues caused by your desk job and how to address them.

Common Issues Caused by Desk Jobs

Neck and Shoulder Strain

Whether you’re looking down at paperwork or leaning forward to better see your computer screen, neck and shoulder strain is very common in those who work desk jobs. While medication and physical therapy can provide some relief, nerve blocks and pain injections can provide better, long-term relief.

Lower Back Pain

When you spend all day sitting in a chair, especially if you have poor posture or slouch over your desk, you will likely experience pain in your lower back. Since this can affect your quality of life as time goes on, consider pain relief options, such as:

Hip Pain

Since sitting all day keeps your hips in a bent position, you can notice your hips feel tight, leaving you with less range of motion. Hip tension can also cause you to experience pain in your groin, sciatic nerve, and lower back.

You have a number of different available to you to address hip pain, such as:

  • Non-steroid anti-inflammatories

  • Steroid injections

  • Physical therapy

Newport Beach Pain Management Services

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