Why Stem Cell Therapy Is the Popular Choice for Pain Relief

Stem Cell Therapy

When it comes to pain relief, you have limited treatment choices. You can take medications that are only slightly or temporarily effective, have side effects, and are addictive. Or you can rely on your body’s natural healing ability and use stem cells to relieve pain and repair tissues.

At the Regenerative Institute of Newport Beach, we specialize in safe and effective regenerative treatments such as stem cell injections. Here’s why they’re a good choice for pain relief.

Stem cells are your body’s healers.

Adult stem cells are found in your blood, skeletal muscles, skin, heart, brain, liver, fat, bone marrow, and many other tissues and organs throughout your body. These stem cells keep you healthy through their exceptional ability to self-replicate and create new cells.

The new cells then develop into numerous types of tissues, depending on what your body needs to heal. Every time you suffer an injury or develop a disease, adult stem cells are activated, so they can regenerate the new tissues you need to replace or repair damaged tissues.

Stem cells naturally relieve pain.

Stem cell therapy uses your body’s natural regenerative ability, delivering concentrated stem cells at the site of injured or diseased tissues. Injections containing stem cells are a good choice for pain relief because they:

Effectively relieve pain through healing

Stem cells alleviate pain because they reduce inflammation, and they accomplish something you can’t achieve with any type of medication: They heal. The ultimate in pain relief is to heal the damage that’s responsible for your discomfort.

Boost healing when blood supply is low

Injecting an extra amount of stem cells is especially beneficial for tissues that heal slowly due to a low blood supply, like the meniscus in your knee. When your body triggers a healing response, stem cells and their chemical messengers can only get to the site through your bloodstream. That’s a problem when blood supply is limited — a problem that’s overcome with a stem cell injection.

Have few side effects

Unlike medications, you don’t need to worry about serious side effects. After stem cells are injected, you may have mild pain and swelling at the site, but it doesn’t last long. Otherwise, stem therapy is considered safe.

Painful conditions treated with stem cells

Using stem cells to heal isn’t a new concept. Bone marrow transplants have used stem cells to heal blood cancers like leukemia for decades. The same treatment is now called a stem cell transplant because the stem cells are extracted from blood rather than bone marrow.

The key to effective stem cell therapy is having access to stem cells that are capable of healing the tissues being treated. Some types of adult stem cells, such as those in your blood, specialize in regenerating specific tissues.

Other types of adult stem cells, however, regenerate numerous tissues. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are one example. MSCs are abundant in fat and bone marrow. When they’re extracted and used in a stem cell injection, they effectively relieve the pain caused by musculoskeletal injuries and diseases.

Why do MSCs heal musculoskeletal conditions? Because they’re capable of regenerating tendons, ligaments, muscles, cartilage, and blood vessels.

Orthopedic surgeons often apply stem cells during surgery to promote healing. In the clinic, concentrated stem cells are injected near damaged tissues and into joints. As a result, they promote healing and relieve pain caused by conditions such as:

Studies show that MSCs effectively relieve the pain of knee osteoarthritis when they’re injected into the joint or implanted during an arthroscopic procedure.

If you still suffer with pain despite medical treatment, schedule an appointment online, or call Regenerative Institute of Newport Beach to determine if you’re a good candidate for pain relief using stem cell therapy.

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